Firefly is an accelerator program with the purpose of nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, leadership qualities and industry awareness among innovative youth of our nation.

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Upcoming Events

Firefly Hackathon
16th - 17th Apr
As a show stopper to our flagship event Firefly, CII brings to you the final showdown - The Firefly Hackathon.
Problem Statement Releasing
13th Apr
Ideate, Incubate and Innovate one more time with us at Innovation Garage!


Mr. Aman Dhattarwal
Educator & Youtuber
Mr. Harishankaran K
Co-founder & CTO, HackerRank
Ms. Nishita Baliarsingh
Co-founder & CEO, Nexus Power
Mr. Shashank Randev
Founder VC,
Mr. Vatsal Kanakiya
Principal & CTO,
Mr. Mohammad Sarosh
Head of Product, Invact Metaversity
Ms. Shobana Prakash


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Who can participate in Firefly?

Any aspiring entrepreneur student, from B.Tech or M.Tech, can participate in the event.

How many members can join a team?

Team size could be anywhere between 1 - 4.

What do we have to do in the event?

This event provides you a platform to work on your idea or project which you can later convert into startup with the help of Innovation Garage. Mentorship, workshops, and entrepreneurship talks from world class leaders are brought to you to assist you during the journey.

Haven’t got any startup idea?

Not an issue. Early bird, the first phase of Firefly gives you ample exposure and opportunity to come up with an idea. With the insights you get from the Early Bird, you will be equipped with enough confidence and knowledge to get startup ideas. There would be a workshop on how to come up with an idea and you can contact Innovation Garage to get it validated.

Still, haven't got any idea?

Again no issues. There would problem statements provided by our sponsors and Innovation Garage. You can work upon those and earn exciting prizes. But, working on your own idea should be top priority. Because, that journey is to be experienced.

We just want to work on a project and not any startup.

Its totally fine. We welcome any student who is willing to solve a problem faced by the society and provide with all the resources and facilities needed. Ideally we would like them to turn it into a startup.

What's Innovation Garage and CII? And What’s the difference?

CII (Center for Innovation and Incubation) is the incubation space of NIT Warangal. It provides the platform for the students to carry out innovative projects through Innovation Garage (IG). Innovation Garage is a multidisciplinary 24x7 maker's space for the students to work on the innovative projects and develop prototypes.

I have an idea but don’t have any technological skill to implement it. Should I participate ?

Definitely! Not all entrepreneurs are coders. To give you confidence, we are arranging a special NO-CODE workshop for you to build without writing a single line of code! Join in!

Startups require a lot of time and funding and that’s why I am not interested to work on any project. What do you suggest?

Yes. Startups actually require a lot of time and effort. That’s a fact. But, if you look at startup as a journey, it won’t seem like hard work, but as a plant you nurture everyday by putting some time, which will turn into a great tree in the future. Even if you are not looking to make a career in it, startup founders have a lot of edge among other students while applying for any job. This will set you apart from the crowd for the best companies out there.

How can I register for firefly?

Keep an eye on our social media handles. We release the Registration forms for every event on Dare2Compete, this website as well as our social media handles. You can find links to our social media below.

I registered for Early Bird. Does that mean I registered for the all the events under firefly and have to attend all workshops and webinars?

No. We will have separate registration for all the three phases. You can choose the event you would want to participate. But we encourage you to attend and participate in all the workshops and webinars which take place.

What will we do after firefly?

After firefly, CII, with the help of its partners will provide all necessary resources required to convert your prototype into a product, which has a market fit. You can contact Innovation Garage anytime to get feedback,  mentorship, funding, and other requirements you need to launch. Please refer to the section After Firefly to know more.

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